quîckplâck, a leading company in the manufacture of sandwich-type PANELS with an EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE (EPS) core. We offer the market products of unsurpassed quality, which meet the most demanding standards worldwide. Currently, our efforts are focused on the construction, industrial and domestic market.

Our group works to always be at the forefront in the market areas we serve, in addition to continuing in the constant search for new uses of our PANELS and systems.

Thanks to its thermoacoustic, anti-seismic and waterproof characteristics, our products are in great demand, since the EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE (EPS) is an ideal material for its high capacity of isolation and protection. Our products allow the improvement of traditional construction methods and systems.


In each manufactured product we have put our experience, advanced engineering and cutting-edge technology. The quality in our products has always been our goal and the proof of this is the certifications that support us.


At quîckplâck we work day by day offering suitable constructive solutions that allow us to satisfy the needs of our clients, providing in addition, the ability to centralize your orders to the same provider, and thus, save significantly on your administration costs. All this while maintaining the highest quality standards that characterize us. This leads us currently to be important drivers in the construction and industrial sectors, developing efficient projects and encouraging innovation.


In quîckplâck just as we do not set limits or borders in our daily work, we do not do it when we set ourselves new challenges, therefore, in addition to continuing to maintain the national leadership of the sector and make it grow every year, we are transferring that leadership also to the international sector, always maintaining the same philosophy of quality and service that characterizes us.


  • Honesty

  • Responsibility

  • Respect - Punctuality

  • Creativity

  • Loyalty

  • Efficiency

  • Teamwork

  • Spirit of Service

    • Focused on the achievement and fulfillment of the objectives of our clients.

  • Order and cleaning    

    • We do things differently but with methods understandable and realizable by all.

  • Innovation  

    • To offer real solutions that make our customers prefer us over the competition.

  • Continuous I + D + I  

    • Research, development and innovation.

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