(Flexible mortar)

quîckmôrtar is a cement-based mortar composed of hydraulic binders, aggregates of selected granulometry and specific additives that give it its special characteristics of adhesion, workability, impermeability, vapor breathability, resistance to hanging, flexibility and performance.

quîckmôrtar imper, is a mortar that has the aforementioned characteristics to which 100% sealing is added. Making it ideal for all kinds of uses in humid environments and spaces or where such a feature is required.


quîckmôrtar imperdeco, is a mortar with all the characteristics of quîckmôrtar imper to which we add its silky touch and the possibility of finishes with a specific palette of colors.

quîckmôrtar rf, is a flame-retardant mortar developed with hydraulic binders, light aggregates with perlite, verniculite and a special formulation that provides the necessary stability to fire depending on the thicknesses applied.

quîckmôrtar gypsum, is a gypsum (dehydrated calcium sulphate) of projection, quick application, high thermal inertia, low conductivity, breathable, good acoustic insulation, incombustible and, therefore, capable of providing excellent protection in case of fire. Excellent as finishing in interior finishes of elegant visualization and soft to the touch.

quîckmôrtar colors, is a mortar with all the characteristics of quîckmôrtar standard (flexible mortar) to which we add the possibility of finishes with a certain palette of colors.

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