quîckmoldîng is a product made of high density expanded polystyrene (EPS), acrylic polymers with different types of textures, quîckmôrtar (high performance mortar) and quîckfîber (fiberglass mesh). Such components allow you to successfully withstand any climatic requirement. It is made in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes, for all types of applications, either indoors or outdoors.


- Wide range of designs.

- Strength in the face of climate changes.

- Adaptation to different systems.

- Resistance and lightness.


- Custom designs.

- Affinity with different finishes.

- Stability and low cost.

- Easy installation.

- Present the molding and verify that the dimensions are correct in relation to the project. Make guidelines on the base before placing the element as an application support.

- Using a notched trowel, place on the surface a layer of quîckmôrtar.

- Present the piece on the wall and press in such a way that the molding is fixed, repeat until all the pieces are placed.

- Let dry for 24 hours.

- The moldings are ready to receive the desired color paint.

Moldings for Facade.

Moldings Covers Cables

Window and Door Moldings

Moldings of Cornices de Alero

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